Website Pages Tutorial

The Pages tab, accessed by clicking on the PAGES button in the Website Editor Toolbar, contains the tools for managing your website pages. The Pages tab is used to add, edit, remove pages and organize the structure of your website.

Default and Custom Pages

The top group contains the main default pages of your website and custom pages that you create. These pages appear in the main navigation of your website. Each tab represents a page on your website. The arrangement of the pages in this group shows the present structure of your website.

The Products, Designs and Create page tabs contain icons, that when the mouse pointer hovers over, will display a tooltip explaining the page type and when clicked will display the relevant help article for configuring the system page content settings.

Pages can still be turned on and off as required. Additional pages can be added using the Add Page button at the top of the tab. Additional sub-pages can be added using the Add link at the right of each page tab. Pages can also be dragged and dropped to move their order of display on your website.

System Pages

The bottom group contains the system pages that are not directly accessed through your website’s navigation. These are essential pages that cannot be disabled or moved. Each tab represents a category of the system pages. Clicking on the + icon expands the tab to reveal the pages in that category.


Things you can do in the Pages tab include:

Open a page for editing

Add a page

Add a sub-page

Re-arrange pages

Copy a page


To open a page for editing:

  1. Click on the page name at the left of the page tab.

      The page will be loaded into the Content Area.

To add a page:

  1. Click the Add Page button at the top of the Pages tab.
  2. Save or discard unsaved changes if prompted.
  3. Enter a name for the new page.
  4. Click OK

To add a sub-page:

  1. Click the Add link at the right of a page tab.
  2. Save or discard unsaved changes if prompted.
  3. Enter a name for the new sub-page.
  4. Click OK

To remove a page or sub-page Only custom pages (i.e. pages created by you) can be removed.

  1. Click the Remove link at the right of a page tab.
  2. Click Yes to confirm you want to remove the page.
  3. Click OK on confirmation of the page being removed.

To re-arrange pages: Only general pages can be re-arranged.

  1. Click on the tab of the page you want to move and drag it to a new location.

    A blue bar will be displayed to indicate a position that the page can be moved to as you drag the page tab.

  2. Release the mouse button at the highlighted position you want the page to be moved to.

Note, you can make a custom page a sub-page of another page by dragging and dropping it directly on top of that page.


To copy a page: Note: Only the Home page, About page, Contact Page and custom pages you have added can be copied.

  1. Click the Copy link at the right of the tab for the page you want to copy.
  2. Save or discard unsaved changes if prompted.
  3. Enter a new name for the page in the New Page name popup.

  4. Click OK.