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Rip & Ship Rules

Ordering from this website/stream, you agree to the following rules and conditions:

1. Cards will be opened in the order of which purchases have been received. 

2. You cannot refund booster packs where another buyer just pulled a hit.

3. If the host messes up the order by two orders, it is not fixed, and considered a part of the RNG.

4. In a reserve list (pack break, etc) of any kind, although you can request a lucky number, the dealer decides your starting position, not you. The dealer deciding your starting number or position is considered part of the RNG. 

5.  Your cards and purchases will be stored for up to 2 months, 60 days. If you do not ship out your cards within that time and you ghost the channel, your cards are surrendered. 

6. This is a BULKLESS Stream. You will ONLY receive your Reverse Rares, Rares, and hit cards for English sets. Japanese bulk available upon request. 

7. Shipping is NOT included. When ready to ship out your cards, please join our Discord. In the #ship-my-cards text channel, please let the host know you’re ready to ship out by providing the name on the order and order#. All orders will be shipped to the BILLING address associated with the account. The host will then reach out with your total and provide tracking once shipping has been purchased. You are responsible for any additional customs and shipping fees that your country may place on your package(s). You can purchase shipping here.