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Partnered Streamer Candidates



Meet Ryan Christy, President and CEO of Cybergameway. Cybergameway is looking for individuals that have the passion  to become a partnered streamer. If you have the personality, energy, and love trading card games, this opportunity may be for you. Cybergameway is excited about growing its stream team in your back yard, and across the country. We are excited and looking forward to learning more about you! To get started, we need to learn about you and your level of experience as a streamer. Don’t worry if you’ve never streamed, you can always learn to stream.

 What Will You Be Doing?

In a nutshell, you will be selling Pokémon trading cards and services via your own Rip and Ship streaming show. CG will host your show and help you develop your own streaming brand and offer Pokémon TCG cards.  You will offer various cards for sale individually, bulk, or sets depending on the soup de jure so to speak. We also offer card grading services through CGC and PSA. As your partner and host, CG will provide the platform for you to stream.

Cybergameway believes in developing a solid trust base with our followers. Our followers trust us because they are comfortably secure in the content and service that they are receiving from Cybergameway. As a small business we hold true to our family values of integrity, character, fairness, and the golden rule of “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” In this way, we feel we are collectively providing terrific value for our followers.” 

Our Partnered Streamer Concept

CG’s Partnered Streamer Concept is essentially a process by which we help people with a passion to stream Pokémon TCG content, host, and grow their stream. CG does this by providing guidance, business concepts, technical expertise, and proven strategies that get results. Scan the QR Code to get started in our discord community. If your not a member you’ll have to join. Then you should be directed to the Cybergameway >#CG-Applications. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

                                                                                           Link to Cyber Discord