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Subscriber Monthly Giveaway TikTok & Twitch Subscribers

Monthly subscriber totals will determine total Pokémon product given away during our exclusive monthly  subscriber giveaways! 

Giveaways will take place on the 1st of every month and will reflect the previous month’s subscriber count!

Twitch Tiered Subs will count at 1X,2X,3X as per their respective sub tier. ( i.e. A tier 3 sub will be worth 3 subs)

The monthly giveaway will take place in discord in the #giveaways channel and will be available to subscribers only.

Subscriber count and appropriate giveaway prize will be color coded below.

5 -19 Subscribers

5 Booster Packs Latest Set

20-99 Subscribers

1 ETB Latest Set

100-199 Subscribers

1 Booster Box Latest Set

200-399 Subscribers

1 Booster Box &  ETB Latest Set

400-999 Subscribers

3 Booster Boxes Latest Set

1000 Subscribers

6 Booster Boxes Latest Set