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Designing Merch

The Decorated Products page allows you to create or modify pre-decorated products that you can offer for sale on your website(s). Decorated Products are created by selecting a blank product and using the Online Designer to apply decoration to that product. This results in a store-specific Decorated Product with its own name, description and other parameters that are configured on this page.

  1. Log into your CG Website Account
  2. From the Dashboard, select Decorated Products from the menu on the left.
Red Box Menu


The main work area displays a list of existing decorated products you have previously created. Shown for each decorated product is a preview thumbnail image, the decorated product name, the blank product name and code, the category of the decorated product, the sale price and the affiliate commission amount.


The controls available for managing your decorated products are described below:

  a. Create Decorated Products button, located in the breadcrumb and action bar, allows you to configure a new decorated                  product.

  b. Sort/Categorize button, located in the breadcrumb and action bar, allows you to manually re-arrange the display order                     and category location of your decorated products. Clicking on the Sort/Categorize button launches the Sort/Categorize                     mode. Use the positioning arrows to move products up and down the list. Click and drag a product over the category name             in the Categories menu to move it to that category.

   c. Categories menu, located on the inner left, shows a tree view of the existing categories into which you can place your                         decorated products. You can customize the categories as you see fit. Clicking on a category name will display only products           assigned to that category in the Decorated Products list.

    d. Search and Advanced Search box, located beneath the breadcrumb and action bar, enables you to quickly locate a                          particular product.

         In the simple search box, you can search by entering a product name.



In the advanced search panel, you can search by Name of the decorated product, Blank Product Name, and Blank Product Code. Tick the Include Deleted Products checkbox to include decorated products that have been deleted in the search results. Tick the Only Deleted Products checkbox to show only decorated products that have been deleted in the search results.



  e. Manage button, shown beside to each product, opens a drop-down menu containing all of the functions that can be                          applied to a decorated product.

If you have not yet created any products, the main work area will contain a prompt to create decorated products and also the Create Decorated Products button.



   4. Click on the Create Decorated Products button.



       This opens up the blank product selector.



     5. Select a blank product to decorate and click Save and Continue. You are taken to the Online Designer to compose your                     decorations on the blank product.

Merch Dashboard


     6. Choose the default product color, add a decoration, then click Save and Continue. The Configure Product Details screen is               displayed.

Merch Design CG (2)


     7.  Enter the details of the decorated product, then click Save and Continue.

            Name: lets you specify a name for the decorated product.

Screenshot (27)

          The name will be displayed at the bottom of each product in the product listing in the store.

             Append blank product name: Ticking this checkbox will append the name of the blank product to the name that you                          specify in the Name field.



  • Description: lets you enter the description for your decorated product using a WYSIWYG content editor or via direct HTML entry. The editor allows you to format the text and include things such as links and images in the description. Click on the “Source” button to toggle between the WYSIWYG editor and HTML format.
NewProductDescriptionEditor (1)

       The product description will be displayed in the product view page and the Online Designer in store.

  • Category: allows you to assign the decorated product to a defined category or sub-category.
  • Position: lets you choose the position in the list you would like to add this new decorated product:
    • Beginning of list; or
    • End of list


  • Customize: If the Online Designer has been enabled on this site, this dropdown list will be enabled, allowing you to choose if you want to allow customers to customize the design or not.

Selecting “Allow users to customize” will enable this product to be loaded in the Online Designer, giving customers full control of the design elements, i.e. resizing, re-positioning, deleting and adding elements, and editing text and text properties. The customer will also be able to add designs to other decoratable design areas on the product that have not been decorated. If “Don’t allow users to customize” is selected, the customer will not be able to open this product in the Designer, but will still be able to modify text and change the color of text and vector-based graphics elements, if “Allow Personalization” was ticked in the advanced options of the Online Designer when the design was configured.

If the Online Designer is not enabled on this site, this setting will be ignored.

8. Click on Select Products to select the products the decoration will be available on, next select the available colors for each product, then click Save and Continue.

Screenshot (30)

The system will start processing your decorated product. A progress bar will be shown while it is being processed. You will be informed when processing is complete.



      9. Click Continue.

         The Product Pricing screen will be displayed, showing the retail price of the product (calculated by adding the default                         markup to the wholesale price of the product).

Screenshot (32)


      10. Optionally un-tick the Use Default checkbox and modify the Retail Price.


            You can also click view in the Breakdown column to see a breakdown of the retail price into the wholesale price, markup                    amount, affiliate transaction fee and commission amount.



      11. Click Save.

          The new product will appear in the list of decorated products, and its properties may be modified to suit your requirements.